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🇩🇪 Berlin Travel Guide 🇩🇪 | What You NEED To Know!

[WPXperVideo id=1 ]welcome to one of Europe’s biggest and edgier cities this trip marks my fifth time in Berlin and I couldn’t be more excited to be back amongst the insanely interesting history Berlin is a cosmopolitan hub that’s grown and moved on with the times leaving it with a very open-minded spirit its history is a story of two parallel worlds the end of World War two saw Germany divide the East became communist was the West was capitalist in Berlin a 12 foot high concrete wall mut the division for more than 28 years until the borders finally came down in 1989 and the people were able to move freely once more this tale of two cities has profoundly shaped the Berlin we know today [Music] any more free will [Music] now the East to find cool Berlin when the wall came down rent is cheap and attracted artists who have transformed it into a hipster haven the West has a more sophisticated feel with remnants of medieval buildings and luxury shopping centers Berlin draws some 13 million visitors a year including us our journey started at London Gatwick was lunch in an airport lounge before taking a two-hour flights to Tegel Airport in the West from there we opted to take an easy 25-minute taxi ride to our accommodation in the centre of the city we have two days plan to explore Berlin venturing to food markets historical landmarks and an eccentric museum like no other this is our story in Berlin and we’re starting it at a Reichstag building the Reichstag building is in the heart of West Berlin right by the river spree and it’s totally free to enter [Music] so just got down from the observation deck at the top of the Reichstag building right behind me here so the rice start building is home to the German parliament and it’s a really cool building to come and look at really where you’re going to come here it’s to go to the top of the observation deck and see across the whole of Berlin so you can’t just rock on up you’ve got to pick an appointment and I would advise to pick it early so we actually picked like a 9:00 a.m. appointment oh we pretty much went straight in and now it’s about 10:00 10:30 and the queues have got really busy there’s loads of school groups here so my advice is to book an early appointment also when you do go through you’ve got to go through security it’s a little bit like going through airport security and you have to remember your passport otherwise they won’t let you in so now I’m going to take a little stroll over to the Brandenburg Gate one block south of the Reichstag building is the iconic Brandenburg Gate an 18th century neoclassical monument that came to represent German division during the Cold War US President Ronald Reagan’s famous 1986 speech tear down this wall was delivered mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall the gate has become a symbol of peace and it’s now the backdrop to many tourist photos it’s very central and the surrounding areas include the huge tear garden and the humbling Holocaust memorial just around the corner now I’m quite hungry it’s lunchtime so we’re gonna head to an area called hootsburgh to check out a food market and to do that we’re gonna try the public transport before we start here’s a quick primer and transport Berlin is huge and finding the fastest way to get around is really important Google Maps usually prompted us to use the Metro which is split into the u-bahn and s-bahn each of which has multiple numbered lines the u-bahn is mostly underground and generally operates in the center whereas the s-bahn is a hybrid of a local train service and a metro with lines running from the middle of the city out to the suburbs Berlin also has a tram network which mostly operates in the East half of the city but for now let’s go back to our journey to heights bag so Google Maps has been my best friend whilst I’ve been in Berlin so far right now it’s brought me to the brandenburg taut station to get a couple of different trains to get to the food market you want to end up at so i’m going to go down find out what ticket i need to get and then make my way back all of Berlin’s public transport is run by the same company BVG meaning that your fare covers everything thanks for universal ticketing system ok so found the ticket machine and gonna work out what ticket to get so connect yep so you can choose what language you want in simple English metro stations will have a ticket machine like the one that we found here a single global costs 2 year is 80 but we went for the 24-hour unlimited ticket 7 euros if you’re here for longer then you get 7 day ticket for 13 euros tickets must be validated as there are no gates instead there are plain-clothed ticket inspectors riding the trains that issue fines to anyone who has an unbalanced to it now if you have a 24-hour ticket like we had you only need to validate it the first time you use it after which there is no need to punch into the machines at every station just keep it on you to show the inspectors so after taking the s-bahn to Friedrichstrasse er we switch to the u-bahn for girl it’s a ban HOF before taking a short walk through hoist berg to marked illinois total journey time of about 40 minutes so we’ve just got the train at Garissa van’t hoff for using google maps again to find mark tell annoying to get all that food let’s go in 2011 marked an annoying reopened its doors to the public 120 years after its original opening in 1891 it’s the ninth of the original 14 market holes and these days is a trendy spot serving all kinds of food from vegan to Turkish German classics craft beer and more so there’s loads of different international cuisine here up see there’s a sign of there’s a tap pass but then also there’s a sign here we just translated a seasonal and regional food and I think they want to try and marry the two here that’s the impression I get they want to celebrate the fact that Berlin’s an international City we lots of international cuisine but they also want to celebrate regional food as well you know good honest local produce oh and before I forget so we’ve loaded up a currency card with euros which we’ve been able to use everywhere in Berlin so far but I understand that here in Market Illinois you can’t use card you can only use cash so make sure you bring a little bit of cash with you if you come choice Berg has a large target community so I decided to use my cash to try some of the Turkish food on offer well the crew tucked into a huge plate of pulled pork and beef one thing we learnt here is that the best day to visit marks head annoying is on street food Thursday’s a weekly event that runs until 10:00 p.m. however we’re told that it’s super busy so get down here for 6:00 p.m. before the good stuff is all gone so with our stomachs full we headed to the final stop of our first day the center of East Berlin Alexanderplatz [Music] so I’m now in Alexanderplatz which is a center of East Berlin so this place is full with loads of shops it’s a real hub for transport admittedly it’s not the prettiest place in the world but that doesn’t matter because we’re actually here to go up the tallest building in all of Germany the TV tower built in the late 60s as a symbol of communist power the 368 meter high TV tower or fernsehturm dominates berlin skyline now of course the reason we’re here is that there’s a viewing deck and bar right at the top that gives the best views in Berlin so I’m now at the top of the TV tower and I must say the views really are pretty amazing it is quite busy here though as my advice would be to do what we did and pre-booked your fast view ticket so you can do this online and it just means that you avoid any of the queues at the entrance and get up here a little bit quicker now if you want to indulge in those views you can book a table at the restaurant we did try to do this a few weeks ago we wanted to get a window seat and there was nothing available so like I said if you want to do that really do do that in advance and but saying that we’ve managed to get a beer at the bar which seems like a pretty good way to end up first day in Berlin so I’m going to enjoy this enjoy the views and I’ll see you so with our first day over we can look forward to our second day where we’ll be checking out some of Berlin’s history taking a food tour through the east side and paying homage to one of Germany’s most popular adopted sons but before we do that here’s a look at how holiday extras can help you on your trip to Berlin have all of your trips in one place with the new holiday extras app view and update your details have paperless bookings that also work offline and put all of your holiday extras from parking to hotels and car hire through to insurance back to Berlin we begin our second and final day by heading over to museum island to check out the boat museum today here’s the thing Berlin loves a museum and in fact they boast have more museums in the rainy days allegedly so we’ve decided to come to museum Island which is in the center of an area commit just off the Spree River and we’re going to go and see at the bode museum which is home to some historical art and sculptures and of course in true start of this trip the three boats tickets of course so we can avoid any queues and go straight in so that’s what I’m about to do originally named the Kaiser Friedrich Museum the bode museum was renamed in honor of its original curator Phil Han bowed in 1956 the building suffered heavy damage during the Second World War and was repaired over the second half of the 20th century after a period of extensive renovation the bode museum reopened to the public in 2006 and it now houses one of the greatest collections of historical European sculptures in the world the bode museum was seriously beautiful both inside and out and it’s huge so if you want to really appreciate it I recommend giving yourself at least two outlets there and here’s a thing most museums don’t open till 10:00 a.m. and tend to be closed on Mondays so keep that in mind when you’re scheduling your trip right we’ve got loads more to fit in let’s crack on next we’re heading south to one of Berlin’s most significant historical sites checkpoint charlie [Music] Checkpoint Charlie was the third border crossing opened by the Allies between the old East and West Berlin it grew into a symbol of Germany’s divide during cold war with American and Soviet tanks even having a standoff here during the burning crisis of 1961 these days checkpoint charlie is a big draw of tourists with many posing for selfies with actors posted at the site there’s a museum and an open-air gallery where you can learn about the history of the Berlin Wall and the Check Point so right behind me here you’ve got checkpoint charlie which is a huge part of Berlin’s history and it has become barely touristy if I’m honest and secrecy there’s loads of people here so I’m actually ready to move on now we’re heading to the east side gallery which is the last standing part of the Berlin Wall and to do that we’re going to jump in the taxi our taxi for the four kilometer journey to the east side gallery took 12 minutes and cost 11 euros and 70 cents on the way our taxi driver described his time growth up in the divided Berlin and how graffiti was common in the west side of the wall but to do the same in the East was to risk being shot and so when the wall came down artists blocked the walls East Side create works about freedom and reunification [Music] one of the most famous paintings is my god help me to survive this deadly love depicting the 1979 socialist paternal kiss between the leaders of the Soviet Union and East Germany the East Side Gallery is one of the last remaining parts of the Berlin world still standing and to know what coming here for me is really interesting it just puts into context how Berlin has changed it was nearly been 30 years since the wall came down next is the penultimate stop of our stay here in Berlin we’re meeting up with Jonathan Lewis carton from original Berlin walks to learn more about the city’s food and history originally hailing from Venezuela jonathan has lived in Berlin for eight years and it’s a tour guide food lover and musician the tour starts outside the Viner stephannie restaurant next to the hakushin mark station which was also the first stop on our tour after trying mal Taschen a traditional dish of pasta and vegetables we hit the streets for some sightseeing through some of East Berlin s courtyards before arriving at our second stop eat Berlin stocking their own sauces which they’ve been making since 2011 and lots of regional produce it’s a great shot with some really interesting products in particular they’re five times distilled elderflower di yeah however for me the highlight of the tour was finally getting to try some curry Wurst I’d heard a lot about it and was curious to see if it lived up to expectations yeah so you’re gonna have the curry Wurst yeah classic sort of sausage turned Berliners sausage with curry powder and spices and tomato ketchup and a lot of things going on this is a classic way of eating it you take get a little paper tray yeah and you get your little fork and you just have fun however it’s very quick it’s very much fast food it’s very quick and it’s taken out it’s like a satisfying you this is happy makes you happy it makes you want to go on okay well go for that I’ve got to try just to see what you think okay I could only taste sauce that’s kind of the idea yeah yeah actually first you taste the sauce and then the taste of the sauce comes in later and the result you can buy tickets to the tour through the holiday extras online ticket store which will link to below Jonathan is a fantastic tour guide and really helped me to understand historical context behind a lot of the food in Berlin but what really stuck out with me was how he said Berlin’s night life should be enjoyed you know talking about food and bars I think that’s the other recommendation I would have for Berlin it’s very simple just be curious you know just when you get here don’t don’t get stuck in one neighborhood you can have great and after the tour Jonathan was kind enough to stick around and help me brush up on my German skills let’s start with a basic hello so hello is very simple you take the unit turns it from a you say hello hello hello okay and then goodbye very formal would be a few dozen or my personal favorite is shoes and pays well it’s quite useful how do you say and can I have the bill if you’re in a restaurant um the easiest way is to say you actually say we want to paint okay you can say yeah Valen talent and never ever forget to say good to Victor like these are really important words and terms bitches please whenever you order something a beer and let’s lie in the restroom whatever I always say thank you thank you and I thank Shannon Thank You Ann would be the more formal way of saying thank you okay if you want to be really cheerful about it I’m so feeling that a huge thank you to Jonathan and original Berlin walks the teaching us so much about city so to finish up our time in Berlin we’re heading to the basement of the circus hostel [Music] I bring you the David Hasselhoff Museum come right in this is it all of it and so here’s the thing David Hasselhoff is a bit of a big thing in Germany so they’ve got a bit of a shrine to him right here in the circus hostel you’ve got some lovely Baywatch memorabilia right here some photos of David at the wall singing looking for freedom a beautiful photo of David sewing right into your eyes and then some hot facts here’s one for you and in Germany David shares his dubbing voice with Kermit the Frog but you didn’t know that so that’s pretty much it for the chambered Hasselhoff Museum it won’t take you long you do decide to come and what’s great about it is that the hostel itself has its own Ferrari so you can finish up with a pipe there which is exactly what I’m about to do now but before we finish I just want to remind you to hit the subscribe button we have loads of travel guides on the channel and lots more exciting destinations to come so what time in Berlin has come to an end and this is in fact being my fifth time in Berlin and I’m still discovering new things to do I really like that Jonathan our tour guide said to us so you said be curious in Berlin and that totally sums it up yes there are the obvious things to do and they’re really interesting but also expect the unexpected so what better way to end a trip then with a big old Stein of beer trust [Music] scream and shout [Music]